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ACES Resources Google Folder- Curated by HS English Teacher Academy participants
March Madness Card Deck- Spring 2017

Target High Impact Reading Skills
Reading Differentiation and Intervention Resources by Standard- English I & II

Reading Plus Offline Resources
These skill and sub-skill lessons and learning exercises are offered at all reading levels. They offer teaching notes and support as well as varied formats for student practice of all critical reading skills. It is suggested that teachers use a lesson/learning exercise just above grade level for whole group, scaffolded instruction and use the associated learning exercises just above student reading level(s)for individual or small group practice.
Reading Plus Offline Comprehension Sheets (no log in required)
Reading Plus Offline Comprehension Sheets (PDF of all w/ key)
Reading Plus/Lexile Range Correlation Chart

Practice Passages with multiple choice and constructed response questions. (Thanks to Chass Hood & teacher volunteers)

Lexile Levels for Texts on Ready EOC Released Form

Geology Field Notes- 1330
Memories- 1230
Excerpt from "The Castaway"- 1010
Excerpt from "Meet the Moai of Easter Island"- 1170
Excerpt from Anna Karenina: Chapter 5- 1080
Excerpt from To the Person Leaving- 1290

Ready EOC Question Stems

Northern High School- Released Form Vocabulary List

Jeremy Crouthamel- Word Skills

Jaclyn Novotny- Constructed Response/Rubrics

Chass Hood- Text Annotation

NC DPI Released Forms Page (access to the paper/pencil version):

The paper/pencil version is a printable pdf.


New York State Released Regents Exams

NC DPI English II EOC Test Specifications

General information on the online assessments and link to online assessment tutorial:

Direct Link to online assessment tutorial:

The tutorial is a very short (4 question) guided, interactive expereince to familiarize students with the online assessment program.

SBAC Sample Items & Performance Tasks:

More samples you may find helpful for use in class or as guidance for developing your own items/tasks:

More samples you may find helpful for use in class or as guidance for developing your own items/tasks:

Assess4ed: is a unique online community of practice.

Online ACT Practice Test:
Customize your own practice ACT:

Complex Texts for Complex Questions