Morphology & Advanced Decoding for High School English

Inspiration- This is the original handout from the workshops I attended.

Brain Warmer Questions:

Do you have students who are reading on a 4th grade level or lower?
What interventions have you tried to help increase their reading skills?
Have those interventions worked?

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Word Attack Skills- phonemic awareness, phonics and morphological awareness skills that allow readers to decode, pronounce and understand words in print

Phonemic Awareness and phonics are critical to early language & literacy skill development. Morphemic awareness becomes increasingly important as students read at a third grade level and above.

Inspiration Handout-
Page 8 provides a compact glossary of advanced word structure terms.

Phoneme- unit of sound
Morpheme- unit of meaning
The ability to recognize the difference and which one is at work while decoding is critical for struggling adolescent readers.

A bit about reading and word attack skills:
A lot about morphological awareness and reading ability:

Morphological Awareness Explicit Instruction

Talking about word parts and breaking down words on occasion is not enough to make a difference for struggling adolescent readers. Explicit, systematic instruction on roots and affixes is a critical need for our struggling readers in high school.

Inspiration Handout-
Page 14 provides a visual representation of common roots, affixes and connectives from Latin, Anglo-Saxon and Greek origin.
Pages 4-7 provide a suggested sequence for explicit instruction for morphological awareness for adolescent readers.
Pages 11-18 provide sample activities that can be used to introduce and reinforce explicit morphological awareness instruction.
**Word matrices are a rigorous yet flexible instructional strategy and learning tool that can be scaffolded and differentiated for use during the process of gradual release during explicit morphological awareness instruction.
Page 19 provides a bibliography and links to resource websites for planning and executing morphological awareness instruction

Glossary of reading terms: