Below is some of the work created during Summer Institute PLCs.

Not Necessarily a Clean Sweep
Text Pairing of Cinderella fairy tale and non-fiction text on child labor.
Created by Amy Jenkins; Tawanda Willis; Brittany Smith; Tatia Davis; Angela Verdone; Jacqueline Gill

Speech to the Virginia Convention Formative Assessment- Text Annotation
Created by Emmalea Couch

Beowulf & Canterbury Tales Short Constructed Response
Created by Sarah Bausell, Elizabeth DeOrnellas, Starlyn Combs, Deborah Alcorn, Ray Rose

Short Story Elements- Whole class, paired, and individual graphic organizers
Created by Teresa Del Dotto

Constructed Response Resources-

RACER Rubric for short constructed responses/paragraphs- Simple rubric and strategy in one!
This rubric will be used for grades 3-12 in DPS to evaluate constructed responses on SGA's.

DPS English 9-12 Writing Rubric- A 6 Traits rubric with key items from the ACT writing rubric inserted in the appropriate places. It is intended to be used by English teachers and teachers who are very comfortable with writing instruction. This rubric can be used throughout the writing process for clear descriptive feedback and to grade final student writing pieces.

DPS Writing Rubric- A one page, 6 Traits rubric. This rubric can be used by any teacher to help guide the writing process, provide clear descirptive feedback and grade student writing.

Short response exemplars

NYS English Regents 2012- A pair of fairly general short response items that can be used as a model for generating formative assessment short respopnse items. The short response items appear on page 13. The second file is the scoring rubric used by NYS teachers to score these items. The rubric on page 3 is pertinent to the sample items on page 13.

NYS 8th grade ELA Test 2010- A pair of passages with graphic organizer, short response items, and an essay item that can be used as a model for generating different kinds of common formative assessments. It is an 8th grade summative assessment sample, but could act as a jumping off point for using different kinds of questions in concert as a thorough formative assessment. For our struggling students, these examples may be a good starting place to help scaffold their learning. For our on level or advanced students, the complexityof the passages and rigor of the questions needs to be increased. The second file is the scoring guide used by NYS teachers to score constructed response items. The rubric on page 11 is pertinent to the sample items.