English I & II

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Sample Units from 2012-2013:

DPS Teacher Created Materials

Close Reading Script for "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
Prepared by Lakeview School & Durham Performance Learning Center 3/26/2012

The following is a formative assessment for English I, Unit I from Teresa Del Dotto, DSA

The following is a formative free-response assessment on theme for English I or English II, Unit I from Alexa Garvoille, Daniel Miller, Lindsey Gray, and Elaine Baker. Two passages, a question, a rubric, and exemplars of Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 responses are included.

Tragedy graphic organizer notes with scaffolded Aristotle readings. This notes sheet can be used when introducing Of Mice and Men or Romeo and Juliet. It incorporates brief passages from Aristotle's poetics which a teacher can ask students to read in pairs, then pick out the words or phrases they understand. Through questioning, the teacher can guide students to a strong understanding of a portion of a difficult text. By Alexa Garvoille, DSA.

Reading Guides: As students read, they should fill out a guide of basic information about characters and plot. They can use the guide as a bookmark so they have it with them at all times. Here are some guides for English I readings, though the same concept can be used across all levels: (By Alexa Garvoille, DSA)

Jesse Heller and Karen Perron Man as Predator unit plan