Crossing the Bridge- Common Core State Standards Training

DAY 4 Training Materials

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium-

Sample Next Generation Assessment Items (all content areas)

Department Task

Student Learning Targets Drafts (very rough drafts)

Durham Public Schools Short Constructed Response Rubric-
  • 1/2 page rubric for providing descriptive feedback on short constructed response questions
  • can be used by any teacher
  • Next Generation Assessments assess other content areas using constructed response items
  • can be used to help student build effective paragraphs

Durham Publilc Schools Writing Rubric-
  • 1 page rubric for providing feedback on extended written responses
  • can be used by any teacher
  • based on the 6 Traits of Effective Writing

Durham Public Schools High School English Writing Rubric-
  • 2 page rubric from providing writing instruction feedback on extended written responses
  • designed to be used by Englilsh teachers to support intensive writing instruction
  • a blend of the ACT writing performance indicators and the 6 Traits of Effective Writing

Grade Level PLC Task

Durham Public Schools Close Reading Template-
  • Microsoft Word template for creating a close reading script
  • customizable
  • contains all required fields for a close reading script

Question the Author-
  • list of the kinds of text dependent questions
  • exmaples of each kind of text dependent question
  • customizable

Crossing the Bridge Day 3 Training Materials



Crosswalk documents by course for the PLC Work Session:

Crossing the Bridge Day 3 HOMEWORK

Use the following information to access the trial version of Holt McDougal’s 2012 Common Core Edition Online.
Online Access to the Holt McDougal Common Core Textbook Sample Preview (NC Adopted 2011)
Go to : Login information: User name: egruwell Password: d3v6w
This is the full version of the materials, resources and tools that are available with the new Common Core Edition of the Holt McDougal English Language Arts texts. It is a free trial with complete access. YOU ARE ABLE TO PRINT AND SAVE ITEMS. USE IT! WE LOSE IT ON JUNE 13, 2012.
Make full use of it now while we have this free trial. YOU ARE ABLE TO PRINT AND SAVE ITEMS.
You may decide as a PLC/department to make an effort to print/save a wide variety of items to supplement and improve instruction for the future. YOU ARE ABLE TO PRINT AND SAVE ITEMS.
  • Over 150 non-fiction connections for Common Core Standards implementation
  • PowerPoint presentations on literacy and literary instructional topics
  • Rubrics for assessing various kind of student products
  • Professional development videos
  • Vocabulary/conventions/writing workshop lessons, resources, materials

This is just one company’s sample of what kind of materials and resources teachers may need to effectively implement Common Core State Standards in their classroom.

  1. Click on the “Common Core Solutions Site” link next to your grade level anthology.
  2. Generate a list of 5 resources, lessons, and/or materials available on this site. For each of these 5 items explain how you can use this item in your classroom to effectively implement CCSS.
  3. Generate a list of 5 questions or concerns you have about implementing CCSS in your classroom. For each of these 5 items, explain the nature of your concerns and one idea/resource that may help you address your concern.
  4. Complete the survey at the link below by 2:30pm on March 10th.